Advantage Appointment

Advantage Pharmacy Group has announced the appointment of Lynne Gallucci to the Board as a Non-Executive Chairperson

Ms Gallucci has ten years’ experience working as the Executive GM of Retail Operations for Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy and has an accounting background.

Advantage says she brings big-picture thinking, mixed with excellent analytical and communication skills to the new role.

The appointment comes at a time when the group has had strong growth, with a 28% uplift in independently owned and operated pharmacies in six months.

The company’s main area of growth has been in NSW and it now has 180 retail outlets across Australia.


CEO Steven Kastrinakis says that given the growth of Advantage and its future strategy, the Board had decided that now was the right time to bring in a non-executive chair to help the company scale sustainably while aggressively pursuing market share in an increasingly tough and competitive landscape.

“We congratulate Lynne and look forward to working with her to help us achieve our group vision of connecting with more people every day, with members, but most importantly our patients,” he says.

Ms Gallucci says that, “I am very excited to be joining the Advantage Group and enthusiastic about the business and the opportunities that lay ahead of us.”

Advantage says Ms Gallucci has a proven track record of implementation of business and operational strategies as well as an engaging style of mentoring and empowering individuals to succeed.

She is planned to be a key lynchpin in guiding the group by developing a 3-5 Year Strategic Plan, establishing and expanding governance and resource requirements and developing KPIs and key risk areas for the Board and the broader organisation.

Published on 13 March 2018 on the Australian Journal of Pharmacy: