Our Mission



Our mission is to enhance and support business owners by providing solutions to operate a customer focused profitable business.

We deliver our mission by providing customer focused solutions that keep pace with a changing market by offering products, services and support that contribute to the success of all our partners.

Flexible Business Model



The Australian pharmacy industry is constantly evolving; PBS reform, reduced wholesale discounts, changing government policy and increasing competition.

The Advantage Group has developed a range of flexible membership models that recognise the need for pharmacies to maximise all opportunities and that “one size” does not fit all.

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By Pharmacists For Pharmacists

Flexible business models
to suit all Pharmacy owners



Low cost membership
Complete marketing solution
Leading supplier partnership negotiations



Includes Access to the Advantage Business Partner Program®

With the Advantage Group, you become a member of a successful and growing family of  like-minded Pharmacists.



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George Vatousios

National Sales Manager