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Bowel Cancer Screening


Bowel cancer is a very common form of cancer, but many people survive bowel cancer due to early detection. Bowel cancer screening is very important to aid in early detection and improve health outcomes. The risk of developing bowel cancer increases significantly over the age of 50.

The first sign of lower bowel bleeding is usually invisible to the naked eye and lacks symptoms. If you’re over 50 you are at risk, it is recommended that you have a bowel screening test every year as early detection is vital.

Your local participating Advantage Pharmacy has Bowel Screening Kits available for sale that are convenient and easy to use. In some cases they can be subsidised by Medicare.

The Bowel Screening Kits require:

  • No faecal handling

  • No medicine or diet restrictions

  • Easy and convenient to do at home

The Bowel Screening Kits provides a highly accurate test which is easy to complete in the comfort of your own home and is posted back to the laboratory for analysis.

A result letter will be provided to you and your nominated Doctor.

So don’t hesitate. Find your local participating Advantage Pharmacy and ask our Pharmacists about the Bowel Screening Kits today.


The earlier detection, the better.

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