CEO Delivers in Bushfires

WITH pharmacists in regional parts of NSW and Victoria directly impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis, Advantage Pharmacy CEO, Steven Kastrinakis, has been on the frontline supporting owners by delivering supplies to affected stores.

Kastrinakis worked in the Advantage Pharmacy in fire affected Bairnsdale, Victoria, on Mon 06 Jan, to assist after residents had been evacuated on Fri 02 Jan. “When the pharmacy was also able to reopen, the staff were inundated with requests for respiratory inhalers to help with breathing difficulties as a result of the dense smoke haze and poor air quality,” he said. “The smoke travelled hundreds of kilometres, to the point that pharmacies in surrounding towns were also inundated with similar requests for respiratory inhalers and high quality face masks to filter out he fine particles in smoke. “Most healthy people can withstand a short-term exposure to the pollution, however those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma may need to take extra precautions. “I knew I’d be able to source and distribute P2/N95 face masks quickly to donate to affected pharmacies and offer to patients free of charge.” Kastrinakis personally drove to a supplier and stocked up with 5,000 face masks, which were immediately distributed to the worst affected pharmacies within the network.

A number of other pharmacy groups and industry partners have lent their support to pharmacies, with Arrowtex Pharmaceuticals providing a further 11,000 masks, which have been distributed to pharmacy groups this week.

Published on Pharmacy Daily: