Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Advantage Pharmacy Group is committed to delivering various activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are a proud innovator of the #PHARMforFarm campaign, whereby pharmacies and their local communities join hands in giving drought-stricken farmers some much-needed feed for their stock as part of the BuyaBale fundraising initiative.

We also support the Share the Dignity organisation with their annual #itsinthebag Christmas campaign, empowering local communities to make life better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Educational Support for Pharmacy Students


The Advantage Pharmacy Group is passionate in supporting the next generation of bright pharmacy students in their learning and development through the Advantage Edge Workplace Scholarship Program.

The Advantage Edge Scholarship Program offers pharmacy students the opportunity to work alongside our pharmacists and pharmacy teams through a structured program.

This is an industry introduction to community pharmacy and our company. Students are given the chance to be an integral part of our team and take a peek behind the curtain and understand how to fully immerse themselves in the pharmacy environment.

If you are a pharmacy student in your second or third year of study, contact us now on how you can apply to the program!

Support for Charity Organisations

The Advantage Pharmacy Group is proud to support various charitable organisations through event sponsorships, health promotional activities and participation in several national campaigns.

We would also like to thank the local communities around Australia for their active participation in events held in our pharmacies and for their ongoing support, through donations and spreading the importance of health awareness.

Recycling & Sustainability


At Advantage Pharmacy we pride ourselves in supporting community as well as making efforts to support our environment. Recycling is a big focus within our culture and we have developed a strong partnership with Close the Loop an organization dedicated to the recycling and re-using of printer cartridges.

Close the Loop’s proprietary technologies and recovery processes, separates materials to a new useable form ensuring the security of your product and its core elements.  And at the end of the process all material is recovered and put back into the commodities market – actually closing the material loop.

So far we have made the below contributions to a sustainable future

We also recycle all batteries & phone batteries used in the office through our local Officeworks.