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Hearing Screening


Advantage Pharmacy has partnered with Australian Hearing to hold Hearing Screening Clinics at participating pharmacies across Australia, and we also support The Big Aussie Hearing Check campaign each year.

Hearing loss is a significant health issue in the community. It affects one in six people in Australia and 60 per cent of people aged over 60. With our ageing population, hearing loss is projected to increase to one in every four people by 2050. Hearing loss is linked to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Losing your hearing affects relationships and has been found to lead to feelings of social isolation.

Maintaining good hearing is important for living a healthy and happy life, yet people can wait between 6 and 10 years before taking any action. Australian Hearing recommends people over the age of 65 should get their hearing checked every year.

The hearing checks take approximately 15 minutes and are conducted by Australian Hearing’s professional staff. During the Hearing Check customers are asked three lifestyle questions related to their hearing, and are then tested on two to four frequencies of air conduction using headphones with amplified tones.

The results of the test may indicate a need for further assessment and testing. Each customer completing the check will receive a copy of their results and information on hearing. People who require further assistance and are eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services program will be referred to their nearest Australian Hearing centre for a more comprehensive assessment.

Contact your local Advantage Pharmacy now to check when the Hearing Screening Clinics will be held this year!

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