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MyDNA Testing


Struggling with your medications? Worried that your dose keeps increasing? Having side effects? Are your medications even working for you?


Struggling to lose weight? Are you exercising the right way? Why is your cholesterol always high? Why can’t you burn the fat?

Maybe your body just simply does not respond well to certain medications, diets, or types of exercise.

You are unique. Your medications and lifestyle choices should be too.

Personalised DNA Testing


Some aspects of genetics are plain for all to see. But other aspects are hidden and can only be discovered by exploring your genes.

Take the MyDNA test today at your pharmacy using a simple saliva swab, to get personalised advice based on your genes.

This enables you to make more informed health, nutrition, and lifestyle decisions.

Medication DNA Test


Many people struggle with their medications - constantly getting side effects, dose keeps changing, or the medications are simply not working at all.

Sound like you, or someone you know?

Take the MyDNA Medications test at your pharmacy, to help identify which medications are likely to be most suited for you, as a unique individual.

Wellness & Nutrition DNA Test


Each person’s DNA is different, so a diet that works for one person may not work for you. A MyDNA Wellness & Nutrition test can help you to find the right diet for you, for the long term.

Included in your MyDNA Wellness & Nutrition test, you will also receive a comprehensive exercise training program based on your genes, your goals, and customised according to your current fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

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