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Keep Your Script Safe

Leave your prescription with your local Advantage Pharmacy and the next time you’re due for a prescription repeat just call and we will have your script ready when you are.

We will notify you when you need to return to your doctor to renew your script.

Prescription Reminders

Keeping track of your prescriptions and medications can be confusing.


Be reminded by SMS or through a mobile app when your next prescription repeat is due to be made up, or that you need new prescriptions from the doctor.

This is a free service available to all customers.


Your local Advantage Pharmacy can easily remind you – simply nominate the best way for you to receive the notification and you can be enrolled to receive our free prescription reminders.

Delivery Service

For some participating Advantage Pharmacies, you can organise for delivery of your prescriptions and any other items to your home or office.

This service is subject to availability and service areas, please check with your local Advantage Pharmacy for more details.

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