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Cozy Winter

Winter Buy

Independent Pharmacies of Australia Group Commercial Team are pleased to announce the 2024 Winter Group Buy. This year’s Group Buy has over 20 Key Winter Brands participating in a total group order.

We are working with the following suppliers:

  • Arrotex & VidaCorp

  • iNova

  • Kenvue (J&J)

  • Kimberley Clark

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Reckitt

  • Sanofi

  • ExSell Winter Specials

We know that our supplier partners are beginning to sell into your stores with high minimum order quantities. The IPA Winter Deals are all in a minimum of 3 units.

This year, the IPA Winter Buy will be available from either API or Sigma, with additional discounted stock available from IPA's ExSell Warehouse. To secure stock, we are requesting stores to complete the relevant pre-order form below, based on your preferred wholesaler.

API & ExSell Warehouse

Sigma & ExSell Warehouse

If you don’t have an ExSell account set up, email Suzi Ebeyer for the required documentation.


  • Pre-orders Open: 9am, Friday 8th March

  • Pre-orders Close: 5pm, Friday 22nd March

Late March:

  • API, Sigma and ExSell pre-order quantities will be placed on behalf of your store (once the stock is available).

  • Stock will start to arrive in store, with invoices to follow.

Please Note:

  • The value of your pre-order will appear as $0. No payment is required until the stock has been invoiced.

  • If you’re ordering ExSell stock, please include your ExSell Account number.

  • If not completed correctly, quantities will be rounded up to the nearest 3 units.

  • Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order summary.

  • Orders can still be placed after the 22nd of March; however, we can’t guarantee full stock availability.

There will be no returns on Winter Buy orders.

Key Details

To further support you with your Winter Buy order quantities, we have included an excel version of the Winter Buy deals.

This may assist some stores by entering your current volumes, to then determine an order.

Please note, this method can NOT be used to place an order, it is simply to support the process.

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